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What is a SKY CHAIR® made of?
All materials used in our SKY CHAIRS® were selected for quality, durability, comfort, and also environmental aspects, such as:

Strong, 18 ounce cotton canvas DURAVAS™ , for durability and comfort. Our canvas is treated with natural paraffin wax
for mildew resistance and water repellency. Heavy duty woven polypropylene reinforces the perimeter to maintain your
chair’s trademark shape year in and year out. We also offer the SKY-Chair® in BOBLOTEX ™ , an All-Weather fabric made
of a vinyl coated polyester weave. This material is very water- and mildew resistant and perfect for use in areas where
continuous exposure to moisture cannot be avoided.

Super-strong nylon thread and our habit of double and triple stitching make our chairs tough.

SKY rope is 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch UV resistant hollow braided polypropylene, with over 2400 pounds of tensile strength.

Sky dowels are kiln-dried North American White Ash - a strong but flexible wood and one which is sustainably harvested.
Each dowel is inspected for straight grain and hand rubbed with two coats of Danish wood oil.

Our zinc-plated steel custom screw eye is rated at 350 pounds for daily use. Now the best part, the design:
starting from the top, your chair hangs from a single point, so requires a circle of space just five feet across.

Two adjustable knots allow you to easily recline your chair to an angle that suits you.

The result is a perfectly balanced support system for your feet, legs and back - a cradle of comfort™.

Hanging your SKY-Chair® indoors
Step 1:
If you plan to hang your chair from an exposed beam, skip to step two. To locate a hidden beam (joist), tap the ceiling with a hammer, or use a stud finder. Pinpoint the middle of the hidden beam by probing with a very small nail (at least 2,5 cm/an inch long) or small drill bit.

Step 2:
With a 5/16” bit, drill a hole roughly 5 cm/two inches deep. Install the screw eye all the way to the eye, and then do not
adjust it further.

Step 3:
With no dowels yet inserted, hold the two top cups or “boot cups” together with one hand, and feed the two free ends of the chair ropes through the large S hook. Attach S hook to screw eye. While holding rope ends in one hand and matched boot cups in the other, adjust height until chair just scuffs the ground. Pinch the ropes tightly to “set” point of adjustment and tie an overhand knot . Make sure the boot cups hang down to the same level. Insert all dowel ends deeply into the boot cups.

Hanging your SKY-Chair® from a tree
Tie a sturdy rope around the tree branch so it extends down to a level you can reach from the ground. Tie an overhand knot to create a loop at the end of the rope. Follow the hanging instructions above to adjust chair to correct height.

Connecting the footrest
Insert the small dowel into the footrest boot cups. Feed the rope end through the small S hook and attach to the large S hook. Adjust height until footrest dowel hangs just under the front edge of the chair. Pinch and tie an overhand knot.

Connecting the armrest
Remove the medium dowels from the boot cups. Slide the webbing aside to locate the rope inside. Separate the Velcro closures on both ends of the armrests. Loop the armrest straps around the rope on the inside of the boot cups. Note that the longer strap goes to the rear of the chair. Rejoin the Velcro enclosures. Re-insert the side dowels in the boot cups, making sure the straps on the inside lie flat, without bunching. Adjust your armrests by shortening or lengthening the rear strap.

Three ways to make comfort adjustments
Our chairs are all well adjusted before they leave our workshop. However, total comfort is a matter of personal preference and we designed the SKY-Chair® to be completely adjustable.

Recline or sit more upright
by adjusting the side knots. Do this by removing the long dowel, loosening the side knots and feeding rope into the knot. Make sure medium dowels are on the same plane as you make fine adjustments.

Raise or lower your footrest
Make adjustments while the small “s” is attached to the large “S” on the hanging chair. Feed rope one way or another until the footrest dowel sits three or four inches below the front edge of the chair. Then, pinch rope tightly to “set” the position and tie the overhand knot. In general, err on the side of hanging your footrest too low rather than too high.

Adjust armrests...

by unfastening the velcro straps that connect to the back of the chair and repositioning until they feel just right!

SKY-Chair® Care
SKY-Chair® are designed to be hand (spot) washed, using a sponge or cloth, warm water and a mild soap solution. Never put SKY-Chair® in the washing machine!

Canvas Care
Our canvas SKY-CHAIRS® are treated with paraffin wax. Paraffin repels water and helps the canvas resist mildew. However, you should always tip any water out of the chair, and let your chair dry completely. Better yet, simply take your chair in during bad weather. The benefits of paraffin wax will decrease over time. We recommend that you re-treat your chair with Scotch Guard, or a similar product, after two years of use.

Dowel Care
If you leave your chair hanging outdoors consistently, we also recommend re-treating the dowels. Do this by carefully sanding them (be careful not to get a splinter), and re-applying a wood treatment such as Danish Wood Oil.

SKY-Chair® Safety
 1. Hang your chair according to the instructions that come with your chair for maximum comfort and safety.

 2. Check your lag screw at least once a month to make sure it is secured exactly in the position it was when
     you first installed it.

 3. Inspect the hooks and ropes periodically for wear. When they are worn, SKY CHAIRS® can replace them with
     custom parts.

 4. Hang your chair so the seat is suspended no more than 30 cm/12” above the ground.

5.  Swing gently and avoid spinning or bumping walls.

 6. B
ring your chair indoors when it is not in use. The colour will fade when left in the sun, and the natural fabric
     may succumb to rainy and damp conditions with continuous exposure. If the fabric becomes damp, let it
     dry out to help prevent mildew.

 7. A
lways clean your chair by hand. Try brushing dirt with a dry brush first. If necessary, spot wash or hand
     wash with a mild soap in a laundry tub. Never machine wash your SKY CHAIR®.

 8. N
ever pull down on the top dowel. Even though it seems like a perfect way to pull yourself up out of the chair,
     it was not designed for that purpose. The easiest way to get out of your chair, if you have any difficulty
     simply standing up, is to put your feet on the ground and take a step or two backwards.
     Your chair will guide you into a standing position.

 9. D
o not use the footrest as a swing.

Enjoy relaxing in your SKY CHAIR®!

SKY-Chair® Guarantee
All SKY-Chair®bought from us are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years.

Since SKY-Chair® are not indestructible, we do not cover defects due to normal wear and tear, nor damage due to neglect, abuse or alteration.

Please contact us prior to return for return authorization.

If after inspection we determine that the product was defective, we will repair or replace it at no charge.

Subject to our Conditions of Sale.
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